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Hello again.

This is my second post in regards to the ever challenging Scratch. Luckily for me I was provided with wonderful step by step instructions written by Simon Haughton. This second activity did also build from some prior knowledge I acquired during the Etch-a-Sketch activity. Which helped ALOT as the actual concept of Scratch wasn’t so foreign.

This activity had us create a simple racing car game. We had to create a new background for the game as well as a new Sprite. I found the background quite easy to master. The Sprite on the other hand I had to play around with a little as my first attempt was much to large to use on the background I created. So I scaled it down a little and also centered it for playing use. By centering the Sprite it enabled it to pivot on its center rather than in a full circle.

I then followed the instructions and created a simple race car game that allowed my little car move across the page in an up and down movement to the finish line.


As you can see I programed the game to show the cars finishing time as it crossed the finish line. This was the completion to the activity. I was very happy with my result.

So happy that I accepted challenge 1……..

Challenge 1 required me to add a second car to the game. The real challenge here was to figure out how to allow two people to use the keypad at the same time so that they can maneuver the cars to the finish line. I workout out that if 1 person uses the standard arrows the second person could use the number pad to the left which also has arrows on it. A screenshot of this challenge is below. Very simple still with basic images. I believe that the high primary grades would be able to create this game, whereas the lower grades would only be able to play it. Either way there are many beneficial learning outcomes for both.

Untitled-2 cars

Lastly, as I do LOVE a challenge I accepted challenge 2 for the race car game. This challenge required me to modify the game similar to the Etch-a-Sketch and have the cars move continuously and only adjust upon command. Using my prior knowledge I knew instantly what to do. I knew I had to create a new VARIABLE. this variable is SPEED. Creating a new variable was not mentioned in Simons instructions and required a lot of thinking and PLN discussions. As you can see below the script I used to created this to happen.

script car My game was now complete. You can play my game here.


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  1. Hi Kandy I really enjoyed reading about your experience with scratch- you have been very busy, and it seems like you learned a lot from the experience. I have also completed the activities (although I have filed the challenges in the too hard file for now). Good luck with the rest of your semester, I think I can learn a lot from you
    Kind regards,

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